A grade desert…

My daughter is doing home economics cookery for one of her G,C,S,E   she also has a love for Nigella. She has not found it easy and is not the most organised of people and often tells me at the last  minute that she needs cooking ingredients,which drives me mad. So when she tells me the teacher moans at her i can understand why.

Well as the year has gone on i have seen she can produce some beautiful food although she is still so unorganized,so we have tried to be more on the ball,although the teacher still picks faults and has at times been i feel very unforgiving. Her grades  have been given on organisation and not on taste or presentation which has been very disheartening to a teenager.

Some months into the second year and wow she has done so well yet the grades are still so unfair,but she has decided she no longer wants to follow a career in catering and she has been very relaxed and not so stressed that the teacher has a dislike for her.I have not taken it so well and made a visit to the school,it turns out the teacher in question is not a chef or a qualified cook,she simply has a qualification that says she can teach children how measure and use an oven. My daughter has had her dreams shatterd because she has been told she is doing things wrong and not using the correct ingredients,when in fact if the teachers took a look at the way the chefs and likes of Nigella cook they would see that things have certainly changed.

We have encouraged and practiced and done things the way the teachers has said things should be done and yet nothing has changed,the teacher has made up her mind that my daughter is a cook and will never make a chef,This has been a hard pill to swallow for my daughter,her grade has been given and will not be changed.

This brings me to valentines dinner i made a lovely meal and Lauren offered to make desert,she was left for an hour to what i can only describe as wreck my kitchen. She produced a desert that even Nigella would have been blown away with. All i can say is her teacher can have her opinion after all Jamie Oliver is not a chef or Nigella but everyone loves them and the wonderful recipes they produce,they have all taken an old recipe and revamped it added a twist of there own. 


Teenage twin girls is like having a blender without a lid, stuff is going to fly everywhere. Now my girls are the absolute apple of my eyes but at times they dance on the boundaries iv set them. I’m always on hand to listen and offer my advice, and iv learnt that when listening  to them facial expressions are advisable, and the odd ooh ahhhs always good, but on occasions they catch me out. Like the time they got invited to a party i remember we talked about dresses, makeup shoes.(I think maybe the TV was on at which point yes you would probably lose me) Because i don’t recall the subject of alcohol. But sure as eggs are eggs over breakfast, while arranging it with dad Lauren said

“Mum said we are allowed one drink” (my look resembled a deer in car head lights) Even my eight year old recalled me saying it although he is easily bribed with sweets. The conversation turned to how when they are at home i allow them to drink,well i was not prepared for that card to be used, it made me sound like a terrible mother.Yes they can drink wine with a Sunday lunch, one glass i may add then the list got longer vodka in my crab linguine, Baileys at Christmas champagne on New Years eve. God i had not looked at it like i was doing any harm but according to the gospel of teenagers i have allowed them a privilege and then changed the rules mid game. I was under the illusion that by allowing alcohol in a safe environment they would learn moderation, when in fact all they had really learnt was and i quote “Don’t eat a lot it goes straight to your head woooooooo”  The longest most heated discussion over breakfast we have ever had. I was to blame for my fifteen year old becoming lushes and a terrible mother. My own mother reassured me its what all children do they want to try new things and i haven’t done any harm, the girls are not hanging around the streets,messing with drugs they just want to do what all the other girls at the party are doing. I feel i have been right in the way i have handles the situation and i except that times change, and children are growing up to fast,but i also know that my girls are not about to go and get drunk they just want to be allowed to experiment,and being told no is never what a teenager wants to hear.

Well the party came the girls went they didn’t have a drink but they did dance the night away. I have come to realize that i can set boundaries and yes children will always dance on them.

No more Larkin around now Nigella. I have a spoon in my hand and i am not affraid to use it

I couldn’t believe my eyes on walking into my local store and seeing  Nigella Lawson,Sex Goddess had gone from voluptuous to super model over night….

. So where did  this leave me?? I can tell you now it left me deflated, she captured what most husbands wish there wives could look and cook like, she made it OK to raid the fridge at silly o’clock, it was OK to wear Lycra and have a cleavage(still working on that one) That was not a good day at the supermarket no goodies went into the trolley in fact  i walked around thinking how the hell did she do it, not once did it cross my mind she may have grown tiered of voluptuous and Lycra.

For years to my friends i was known as Ma Larkin (not a name i was happy to be stuck with but it bought with it an endearment, warm house that always smelt of fresh baked foods.

But along came Nigella and there was no more Larkin around!!  That changed friends outlook on me”Oh look what Nigella has cooked” I was happy with that title i can tell you, Lycra stretch dresses and curls sophisticated and cooking!!

“Reality check in the supermarket isle 4 lady having a meltdown” it just hit me and i  realised why they don’t have mirrors in supermarkets, they don’t want us to see what we actually look like even in the clothes isle there is never a mirror.

So i bought the magazine secretly hoping that inside held the secret to immediate weight loss without breaking a sweat, and i took my sorry ass home. I read from cover to cover and fell more in love with Mrs Lawson, she can still cook and looks great she has such passion, so whats a few pounds? She makes a great profiterole desert.

Mental note to self she will have put it back on in a year anyway nobody can cook and eat like she does and be skinny!!!!!


60 grams of butter,

150 ml of water,

75 grams of plain flour,

2 eggs lightly beaten,

1) Heat the oven to gas mark 7 or 220*c.

2) lightly grease  a large baking sheet and sprinkle with water.

3) In a heavy saucepan heat the butter and water until butter has melted and water just boiling,

4) Remove from the heat and add the sieved flour,beat until it forms a soft ball coming clean away from the edges, allow to cool slightly.

5) Add the eggs a little at a time beating after each addition until you have a smooth glossy paste.

6) Put the mixture into a piping bag ( i use a small nozzle no bigger than my thumb nail about an inch or less,this makes sure your not piping to much air with them.

7) Pipe about a tablespoon size ball on to the baking sheet continue till all the mixture is used.

8) Bake for 10 mins at 220*c then reduce the heat to 180*c gas mark 5 and bake for a further 20 mins until well risen and light golden brown.

Do not be tempted to open the door……….:0 they will rise.

remove from the oven and leave to cool on a wire rack, fill with cream and my chocolate sauce (melted mars bar and or two)


The winter blues have set in, its to cold to go out running the only jobs in the garden are to put things back in place after a storm or clean up after the naughty fox. My days are spent picking up after teenagers, who have no navigation skills the toothpaste ends up on the wall instead of in the sink as for the mirror you cant see a reflection in it, cotton wool in the bin not around it and washing in the basket not near it.So when my cleaning is done i can cook and bake till my hearts content. I have also allowed myself an hour of back to back Sex In The City, nothing like watching beautiful women who can resist carbs for steamed mushrooms, to keep you from reaching for whatever has just been baked.So a bit of adult TV and Vera Wang are helping brighten up my winter blues.

low fat cup cake in the city

low fat cup cake in the city


A bundle of photos that remind me i enjoyed writing a little blog, so it  would not make top ten reading!!! but gave me an outlet. Something that i enjoy so why is it i jump in the saddle and just as quick i close the laptop and walk away????

I have cake photos to share and lets face it everyone wants to know a good recipe that will make cooking and baking easier and taste great………..


Well what seems like an age away i feel I’m ready to jump back in the saddle.

A small breakdown nothing major that had me running for the gin!!

A small breakdown that had me running into walls and doors that refused to open.

Not being able to please everyone and do as i please has made me a hermit,so i have realised that i cant please everyone and trying to do so makes me unhappy.

And my family can read my blog and disagree with what i write its my blog its my life.I am happy to bake and see my family well fed and a smile as my kids munch on a cookie or a cake they are happy and that’s all that counts,i may no longer fit in my size 12 jeans it doesn’t make me sad my husband loves me…………So i will start where i left of cooking and sharing and writing about my life.